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Pro Lash Adhesive

(12 customer reviews)

CAD $55.00

Pro Lash Adhesive.

Our go-to black adhesive is fast and reliable. Formulated to work well in any environment and for all levels of Lash Artists. Perfect for both Classic or Volume. Shipped with silica pack and glue pin.

5 mL. Manufactured in small batches to ensure freshness.

  • DRY TIME: 1-2 seconds
  • VISCOSITY: Medium
  • COLOUR: Black
  • FUMES: Low

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  • Contains cyanoacrylate.


  • For professional use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, and mouth.
  • During application, the eyes must be protected and immobilized.
  • Caution. Do not use cotton products that may come into contact with cyanoacrylates – exothermic reaction may occur.
  • Warning. Bonds skin instantly. Eyelid bonding: consult a physician.  Skin bonding: soak and ease apart gently.
Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Pro Lash Adhesive

  1. lynniegirl (verified owner)

    I used this glue for the first time and it is very fast drying and so easy to work with. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Will be my go to glue from now on.

  2. lynniegirl (verified owner)

    I used this glue for the first time recently and I am beyond thrilled with the results. My clients have no irritation and it dries extremely quick. Will be my go to glue going forward

  3. Lily

    This is An amazing glue. I’ve used it for the past two weeks and the retention is amazing! My clients love it too because there’s little to no fumes. It dries instantly and It truly works wonders! Definitely will be repurchasing

  4. ChloeKat

    I have been using this adhesive on my clients for a few weeks and the retention is unreal! It is fast drying and no worries about irritation.

  5. Carla

    Love it! Works wonderful in my humidity which is usually 40 % to 50 %. Great retention!

  6. Shirley

    I have been using this glue for a few weeks now and my clients are coming back with great retention! I had to adjust to using a thinner viscosity glue but I absolutely love it. It is also low in fumes and it dries pretty quick so it allows me to work fast, love this product!

  7. Kelly

    Love this adhesive!! It’s very easy to use and is great for beginners and experts alike.

  8. Jorica (verified owner)

    I love this glue compared to the other ones I’ve used ever since I’ve started lashing. Dries instantly and the viscosity doesn’t get thick too quick when I put it in my glue ring! Will buy again for sure!

  9. Katie Afemui (verified owner)

    I used this adhesive for the first time and I’m in love. This adhesive is a must for professionals, it’s easy to work with, and most importantly my clients love the retention, their extensions last a long time..Thank you Beauty By Tammy.

  10. Ana M

    Amazing adhesive. I loved the fact that my fans do not close and it doesn’t travel. I would highly recommend it. It works every time for me and retention seems to be amazing.

  11. Emily Borgonia

    The black glue had my jaw dropping!!! Other than it being magnetic, it worked with my fluctuating environment. The fumes are very minimal, basically nothing. I’m obsessed with this adhesive + it has an open shelf life of up to 8 weeks.

    Tammy is such an amazing person and If you have any questions she will be more than glad to help answer them! I love supporting local businesses as well!!

  12. Debbie Vo

    Pro Lash is my new favourite adhesive! I’ve always been a sucker for clear adhesives, which is why my go-to has always been the Master. But after hearing my other lash artist friends and Tammy herself tell me about the adhesive, I decided to give it a go.

    No regrets here! It’s magnetic, works well in fluctuating temp/humidity. Thank you Tammy! <3

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